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30 November 10

Reblogged: lyingthere

  1. alullaby answered: I get sick every year. Then I realize why. Sometimes I try to do something for myself or write a note to burn. That only takes the edge off.
  2. chemicalsbetweenus answered: just like any other day. a date only has as much signifigance as i give it, and i choose to give it none. :)
  3. brujacore answered: I had a panic attack, last year. It was one year later. It was also the day before a stranger followed me home. Not a good couple of days.
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  5. regularmiracle answered: I haven’t experienced one yet, but it’s coming up soon and Im already freaking out.
  6. printercat answered: alone, but doing things that make me happy. or going somewhere to take my mind off of it with a close friend x
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